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Born on 1966, August 15th, Pst. Stephen Emeka Okonkwo is a Nigerian-born Accountant, Pastor, and Founder of Showers Chemicals and Allied Industry Ltd. He also doubles as a Trustee member for the Showers Community Health and Widows Foundation. In his early years, Stephen Okonkwo Started as an Accountant for the defunct MACO paints in Onitsha Nigeria, From there he started his own company and grew into a big-time paint Manufacturer in Anambra State with numerous projects to his name.

Coupled with his cooperative drive, his love for God drove him to seek God in different quarters, until he came in contact with the Christian forum in Anambra State, where he has grown to become one of the big Pastors in the Christian Forum. He is Blessed with Four Children and a lovely wife.

Academic History Of Stephen E. Okonkwo

Stephen Emeka Okonkwo, before Showers Community health and Widows Foundation, fully began his academic Journey in 1976 when he took his First School leaving certificate, and subsequently his O’ level certifications. He graduated with NCE, AICE in Accounting from the prestigious Alvan Ikoku College of Education Owerri, and in 1999, He enrolled for a degree certificate in Accountancy and graduated with Honors in 2004 from Imo state University Owerri.

Professional History of Stephen E. Okonkwo

Stephen E. Okonkwo began his career journey in Accounting with Maco Chemicals industry LTD as Company Accountant, he led the Accounting department of the company successfully for A full year, before he was absorbed by an even bigger company as a result of his leadership prowess and exception qualities in his profession and level of excellence. In 2006 he founded his own Company, Showers Paint Interglobal Resources, A Paint Manufacturing company, headquartered in Anambra State, Nigeria. His Company has since moved from a sole business proprietorship to a limited liability company in 2023, with the new identity Showers Chemicals and Allied Industry Ltd. and has birthed a subsidiary arm Showers community Health and Widows Foundation.

The Genesis of Showers Foundation, An Excerpt by Stephen E. Okonkwo

Showers Community Health and Widows Foundation, began in the Year 2012, six years after the formation of His company, The foundation began as a vision of his wife, Mrs Ifunanya Okonkwo, A public health officer and Control/Program officer for (TB) Tuberculoisis and Leprosy. The Foundation comprises a five member committee/trustee, With Stephen E. Okonkwo as part of the Trustee, vested with the running and general activities of the Foundation, Since its Formation, Showers Foundation has grown from hosting community support programs, to creating sustainable employment oppourtunities in different communities in Nigeria, from women empowerment Programs to general youth and community poverty alleviation programs.

Programs Hosted By Showers Foundation in the last Decade

In the last Decade, Showers Community Health and Widows Foundation has been able to host different poverty alleviation programs in diverse communities in Imo State Nigeria, in collaboration with both the local government and the State Government, as well as other relevant bodies in Nigeria. In 2012, The Foundation hosted the WHO cares Campaign in collaboration with the Oru East Local Government and Imo State Nigeria. This programs are a testament of stephen E. Okonkwo’s resilience and contribution to Economic and social impact, In 2014 and 2015 subsequent campaigns were held in different locations in Imo State Nigeria. The Foundation Projects and Programs can be seen on the projects page of this website or directly by clicking here.

Showers Chemicals and Allied Industry Limited

With its Products tagged as Showers Paint, Showers Chemicals over the past decade has been able to serve different real estate companies within Nigeria as well as Individual home owners, Providing them with unmatched quality builiding paint products, Interior decoration Options and Smart Home Automation Plans and devices. The Company over a decade has raked up numerous upvotes from satisfied companies and Individuals in different works of life. The Showers Brand, founded by Stephen E. Okonkwo has effectively for over a decade been providing Nigerians with quality, affordability, culture and resilience. The Showers Chemicals and Allied Industry Ltd has a new group CEO, Okonkwo Kasopuru Israel, read about him here.