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Showers Foundation Nigeria, Since 2012,

Showers Foundation Nigeria Has carried out different thematic Projects in communities in Nigeria. In the list of interventions are Local governments in Orlu Oru East,  Awo- Omamma, Oru- West in Imo state, Interventions in States like Anambra in Ojoto and a handful of other locations, Auchi in Benin Edo state and Zaria, Click here to see some of the places that the showers foundation Intervention has taken Place. Below are the services that the foundation renders to the general public/its audience. 


Showers Foundation occasionally holds Widows and Orphans empowerment programs, where we give a helping hand, financially and in any mode relevant, to this persons. setting them up and helping them cope with life. This is in alignment with the sustainable development goals.

Health Outreaches (TB/HIV + Other Public Health Concerns) awareness Program

Showers Foundation periodically organizes health outreaches, in communities and groups or organizations who may be threatened as regards Public health endemics, in alliance with our health partners the foundation organizes these programs to keep community health in check. This is in alliance with the sustainable development goals.

Education for the vulnerable and Legal Advocacy

Showers Foundation, focuses on getting education for vulnerable persons including women and children in Nigeria. The foundation also legally advocates for vulnerable persons, who feel they have been marginalized by society, or some aspects of society. This program is in alliance with sustainable development goals.

Women Empowerment/Enterprenuership Program

Showers Foundation is focused on empowering women, and taking women out of poverty, by giving them valuable skills and resources to aid them in making money and earning a living. This is also in alliance with the sustainable development goals.

what is our Focus

Showers Foundation is focused on Health and Education of Women and Children. Women empowerment, providing basic education to vulnerable Children and monitoring community health. We have toured different length and breadth of Nigeria carrying out health checks and treatments for free, in rural communities. With our well trained Team of Health Professionals and support from International Bodies like KNCV, WHO and USAID. 

What You Get

Showers Foundation in addition to Health and Empowerment as its themed Focus, Also legally advocates for widows, vulnerable persons and women who have been marginalized, as a result of culture, religious inclination read about Marginalization here.

Showers Foundation also provides guidance and counselling for persons who have had traumatic experiences in life that has shaped their outlook on life. and Rehabilitation of these persons. 

Heart to Heart Talks with persons diagnosed of terminal and stigma diseases like TB/HIV/Leprosy..