Unlocking the Power of Antioxidants your key to Radiant health.

A picture of a Mosquito feeding on human skin, sucking blood and transmitting malarai plasmodium to the host.

The human body is equipped with a variety of antioxidants that serve to counterbalance the effect of oxidants. for all practical purposes, these can be divided into 2 categories: enzymatic and non-enzymatic.

The antioxidant molecules constituting living systems’ antioxidant defense grid act at different levels. These levels may be radical preventive, radical scavenging, and radical-induced damage repair. based on a line of defense, antioxidants can be categorized as first-line defense antioxidants, second-line defense antioxidants, third-line defense antioxidants, and fourth-line antioxidants.

First-line defense antioxidants: These are a collection of antioxidants that suppress or prevent the formation of free radicals or reactive species in cells. They are very fast in neutralizing any molecule with the potential of developing into a free radical or any free radical with the ability to induce the production of other radicals. three key enzymes: superoxide dismutase, catalase, and glutathione peroxidase are at the top of the list. these enzymes respectively dismutase superoxide radical, break down hydrogen peroxides and hydroperoxides into harmless molecules. The class also includes metal ion binding proteins like transferrin and cerulo plasmin which chelate or sequester iron and copper respectively, consequently preventing them from free radical formation.

Even though Antioxidants are generally made up of chemically/synthetically occurring and naturally occurring, we intend to focus on naturally occurring antioxidants which can be found in fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, citrus family fruits, lettuces, and cabbages. The presence of Antioxidants helps to combat diseases and infections such as Malaria, HIV, and Covid.

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