7 hidden Diseases you can cure and prevent with drinking water regularly

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By Joanna Jaiyeola

Diseases you can cure with drinking water regularly

Lady drinking water

Lady elegantly drinking water

Being the most important liquid in the world, water is a natural gift that has be proven to naturally prevent and cure some diseases even without taking heavy drugs. 

A student of Alexander Fleming-Penicillin discoverer and Nobel laureate, Dr. Bateman devoted his life to the study of the healing properties of water.

According to his research, The temperature of water entering the body determines the life span of a person.

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He discovered that warm/hot water can heal

Lady drinking water after exercise

1. Heart disease and stroke: Because warm/hot water can dilute the blood, it can effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular blockage.

2. Osteoporosis: Because warm/hot water can make the growing bones stronger.

3. Leukemia and lymphoma: Because warm/hot water can transport oxygen into cells, cancer cells are anaerobic.

4. High blood pressure: Because warm/hot water is the best natural diuretic.

5. Diabetes: Because warm/hot water can increase the content of tryptophan in the body.

6. Insomnia: Because warm water can produce a natural sleep regulating substance – melatonin.

7. Depression: Because warm water allows the body to increase the supply of serotonin in a natural way.

Just two glasses of warm/hot water are all you need to relieve severe abdominal pain caused by stomach ulcers.

He cured more than 3,000 patients with only warm water and no medicine

He also advised to Drink water, not tea, drinking 2~3 liters of water a day, and do not wait until you are thirsty to drink water.

The role of water in the human body cannot be overemphasized, and it’s lack of water has caused the disorder metabolism, leading to the occurrence of many diseases we see today

People now take carbonated drinks, juice, yoghurts even more than they drink water. This shows you preparing the body for diseases.

This is we calling out to you, to advised your community members about the importance of water, so you stay away from these diseases the lack of water can cause.

He also discovered in his book “Man and Water” that in the distribution of water, the brain is in an absolute priority.

The brain accounts for 1/50 of the weight of the human body, but it receives 18%-20% of the total blood circulation, and the proportion of water is the same.

When the body lacks water, the drought management mechanism must first ensure the vital organs, so other organs will be insufficiently hydrated.

At this time, they will send out an alarm signal, indicating that a certain part is short of water.

Dr Bateman has been practicing medicine for many years, and often encounters this situation: it is obviously a signal from the body that lacks water, and it is urgent to replenish water; but people use chemicals to deal with these signs of water shortage.

Even more unfortunately, this error persists; the physical condition gradually develops and the dehydration becomes more and more complicated.

How ice water affects your body

A cold water for drinking

Iced water that could be dangerous for the health

People pour water at 0°C into their stomach at 37°C, but the urine is hot, which is the temperature of the human body at 37°C.*

Who can turn 0°C ice water into 37°C  urine?

It is the spleen and stomach. After drinking ice-cold drinks, the spleen and stomach cannot stand it, so they draw the human essence (or vital energy) from the “kidney” and turn it into heat to ‘cook’ it to 37°C.   

Therefore, using up the  human essence will make your kidneys weak.

 If you always love iced water, you must have kidney deficiency, which will affect your memory, and will also make you wheelchair-bound in your later years, with weakened bones…*

The water temperature sent into your own body determines your lifespan.

These are discoveries from Dr Bateman’s research, and not a product of our research.

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