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By Joanna Jaiyeola

The Major causes of Air Pollution can range from environmental causes to Industrial causes. Air pollution as said in the previous article, is the release of harmful substances into the air, it has lots of consequences for the body and it can be caused by various domestic activities and even industrial activities.

It is important to be educated on the causes of air pollution in the community so as to reduce or prevent, its effects on human health 

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One of the Major Causes of Air Pollution

Environmental Causes of Air Pollution

Here are the environmental causes of air pollution. These activities are carried out by both educated and non-educated people in the community, mostly in the rural areas.

Let’s dive in 

1. Waste disposal 

Waste disposal and burning an activities that could cause harmful substances residing in the air.

People keep waste and are often time resolute to burning it, it has been seen as a good way to dispose of waste. 

These substances released into the air could cause damage to our health and even to the environment

2. Deforestation

This is another domestic activity that causes pollution in the air.

It is an act where trees are been cut down, which reduces the natural ability of trees to absorb pollutants contributing to pollution in the air

Trees are natural, and they help absorb pollutants or substances in the air. 

Cutting them down increases the pollutants’ residence in the air.

3. Residential heating and cooking

Cooking with firewood and foils allowing the smoke from those items to go into the air is a major cause of air pollution.

In rural areas, people also add some other objects to the firewood to help burn well, these substances are harmful to the health

4. Vehicle Emissions

The smoke from vehicles is also a cause of pollution in the air. 

5. Agricultural activities 

The use of fertilizers and pesticides can release ammonia and other chemicals in the air. These chemicals and substances released to the air, are causes of air pollution. 

They could also be harmful to the health.

Industrial Causes of Air Pollution 

Industrial causes of air pollution are common in the urban communities where companies and industries make products and reside.

Some of their activities cause pollution in the air.

1. Chemical Manufacturing

In production, manufacturers make use of chemicals and substances to get the best production. 

The processes of production in chemical plants can release hazardous substances into the air

For example, chemicals used to produce soap, when released into the air, could have effects on the human body

2. Natural Gas and oil extraction

Staying close to industries in this sector can have adverse effects on your health

Activities related to the extraction of natural gas and oil can release pollutants, including methane, sulfur compounds, and volatile organic compounds.

The release of this could cause air pollution in the community.

3. Construction activities

Construction sites can often generate dust and particulate matter, these sites 

Staying close to construction companies and manufacturing industries can be very harmful to human health as they release chemicals and pollutants into the air.

These could even penetrate into houses while sleeping, and inhaling these.

Residents are usually advised to stay far from manufacturing industries, due to noise, chemicals, and many other reasons.

Community members and leaders can also establish standards for industries around them

Other members of the community should also be sensitized to the adverse effects of air pollution, so they can reduce their domestic activities increasing pollution in the air.

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